The Making of the Book – “LALITA”

Here is a brief synopsis of the book so far:

“There was once a Goddess known as Tripura – She was the transcendental energy, primordial power through whom creation became manifest. She decided to test Her prowess by devising a game in which she would start creation. She developed the power of illusion which could manifest Her visions thus creating various forms one of which was the Human. During the course of Her play, the game’s goal being realising Her and Her prowess, many of Her subjects meaning Her own creation took longer to realise Her, and She became forlorn and lonely in Her own game. One mystic seer who realised Her majesty challenged Her to take human form to fully immerse Herself in Her own divine play and realise Her SELF. She thought a while but soon found Herself compelled to take human form because Her creation seemed to have lost sight of Her divine play and She became all the more forlorn. So, she decided to take birth as an ordinary mortal. Just before She did this she realised that She would also loose Her powers because the human is three dimensional with a physical body much denser than Hers. So, she mapped out sign posts translated as events to bring Her to remember Her identity. Of course She would have to go through the same game, act as a mortal, and pretty much act as a normal seer.

It is only after she realised the SELF that She awoke to Her own reality, which in turn awoke all the other sleeping souls that got caught in Her auric shield, and they awakened further others. In so doing, She managed to reset the divine play so that She was no longer alone, and many more started to realise Her as being the SELF. At the end of Her own personal cycle, She returns to Her abode at the top of Mount Meru.

And as She takes human birth, we follow a tale of events unfolding in which she experiences every aspect of the human condition be it herself or as a witness. As this goes on, it unfolds revelations inside Her, gradually opening Her thousand petal lotus in which she is sat as the Goddess Lalita. And of course, as the mystic seer is the ONLY one privy to this ordeal, it is decided for Him to also take rebirth and meet Her in Her cycle of human birth. The mystic seer is none other than Sai Baba of Shirdi.”

“Realisation is in knowing that Pure Intelligence is unattached to any particular entity or thing”
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