“My friend’s friend strongly recommended to visit Keerat for Reiki Healing and general guidance for my poor and distorted self – perception fixing.
The visit was absolutely lovely and I felt like home. Keerat was very attentive, shining calm positivity and gave me to the point advice how to boost my self-appreciation even though I didn’t tell her I came for this. She 100% sees why you came and guides you carefully towards the positive change.
Very recommended and thank you Universe and my Higher Self for making my wish come true and bringing me to the door of this extraordinary person.”
Simona Bubelyte

“I did have some experience with Reiki in the past from a few practitioners and I do believe that Keerat has what I call ‘gift’ coming through her hands. During the session I felt great relaxation, I was able to really disconnect myself from all my worries and just enjoy the energy flowing through my body, working where it had to work. It was an incredible session, I use the word ‘incredible’ because I did not expect anything and received so much. Go with an open mind and heart and just let her do her work and you will feel the positive energy or whatever you want to call it for days…Thank you lovely Keerat!”
Isabella Da Silva

“Before visiting Keerat I had only a vague idea of what a Reiki session is. After entering, I immediately felt like I was in a different world where time is in constant slumber and the outside world rushes around you without touching you – like a river goes around a stone. It was very relaxing and calming to be there and immerse myself in this different world. I closed my eyes and felt like I was somewhere in the mountains, far from everything else. Afterwards I felt very relaxed and calm, and it was a great feeling to have after a long and stressful week!”
Zydre Siksnyte

“Initially I had no idea about Reiki and what it can offer me.It was Keerath’s lovely invitations that prompted me to take up the Reiki taster session.I was not keen on discussing my problems and finding quick fix for them as I met her since I was sure that would appear trivial before the enlightening,entertaining and indulging spiritual conversations we had.After the very first session Keerath got to the root of my problem.I was baffled by her accurate findings from the session.Her concept of realignment with ones self and chakras totally worked out for me through the series of sessions.She greatly helped me to overcome the inherent hitches which hindered my growth.”
Savitha Panchagnula

“Thank you Keerat for the unbelievably relaxing session. I feel much more calmer and confident after you have shown me that there is a universe inside each and every one of us (which we often forget about in this world where everyone just rushes forward) from where we can get our strength and inspiration back. Can’t wait for another session and I would recommend everyone to give a try. Good vibes to everyone!”
Michal Dani

“Visiting Keerat is the same as entering a secret magical garden, with no busy London sounds and personal responsibilities. These Reiki sessions are so amazingly relaxing, without any stress. It feels like standing in the middle of flower field and suddenly all your thoughts, all the worries start to seem so simple and so different. I think to experience this kind of mind exploration is already a very rare event, but to create these experiences for each individual must be truly a wonder. I haven’t felt so positive and so warm in a long time and I will keep these lessons very dear to me.”
Elena Vi

“Although I did not have any experience with Reiki before I met Keerat it astonished me that the very first session gave me so much positivity and warmth. In the background of beautiful Tibetan meditation music, Keerat’s breathing and calming smell of incense I could actually feel an absolute relaxation of body and emptiness of mind which I have been longing for long. Keerat’s positive energy and brightness added up to the whole uplifting feeling.”
Dagija Kugeviciute

“Being a person falling asleep with great difficulty I was surprised to find myself lying on Keerat’s surgery bed, listening to a very relaxing low tone music and suddenly listening to my light snoring within minutes of the session. In spite of falling asleep I could still hear the music and Keerat’s breathing. The most significant surprise of all was that for the first time in years I could not think about anything. My mental state was in a trance, my body fully relaxed and my whole existence in an elated state. The perfect state one would wish to be, without worries, thoughts or concerns. My only disappointment was when the session came to an end.”
Mary Proestos

“It inspired me and I felt so calm and rested at the beginning of a new week, ready challenges and the unknown. I really can’t find the right words, but the kindest and nicest feelings were awakened in me that day.”
Donata Kukyte