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What we give is irrelevant; it is the consciousness with which we give that is significant. Sai Satchritra - Chapter XVI & Chapter XVII “The last Chapter described how Mr. Cholkar's vow of small offering was completed and accepted. In that story, Sai Baba showed that He would accept with ...
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Aum Sai Ram Folks!   Thank you to those of you who made last night yet another success and set the mark for the upcoming satsangs.   We started off with the intention of discussing polarity in relation to men and women, and ended up discussing: 1. Polarity of energy ...
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Get Out Of My Space

Get Out Of My Space!!! Get Out Of My Space!!! Get Out Of My Space!!!   Wow! Screaming those words at the top of our voices, mustering any frustration or any other emotion that would assist in simulating a sense of high relief after a period of stress, whether known ...
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Am I A Control Freak?

Last week we discovered more layers about ourselves and the subconscious. We spoke about our active self and passive self. When we are born, we learn to act to why what we want. So the baby will suckle at her mothers bosom to be fed. The baby will indicate her ...
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