My Story


My name is Keerat Kaur Khalsa and it is my labor if love to you to share the jewels of the droplets of realisation through the present portal of Akaal Yoga.

The knowledge in me is realised through the desire in you to receive the same resulting in our collective experience of wisdom.

I had a story to tell when it was about me but that limited my experience to me. After being graced with the experience of the One, I no longer have a story. It is our story and our journey together into self realisation. It is about us, the collective consciousness, as opposed to the individual consciousness limited by negative ego.

This is not about me, it never was. It is about us.

"There is no iron or ineffugable law that a given contact shall create pain or pleasure; it is the way the soul meets the rush or pressure of Brahman upon the members from outside them that determines either reaction."
Sri Aurobindo
Thoughts and Aphorisms