What we give is irrelevant; it is the consciousness with which we give that is significant. Sai Satchritra – Chapter XVI & Chapter XVII “The last Chapter described how Mr. Cholkar’s vow of small offering was completed and accepted. In that story, Sai Baba showed that He would accept with appreciation any small thing offered … Read moreGiving


Aum Sai Ram Folks!   Thank you to those of you who made last night yet another success and set the mark for the upcoming satsangs.   We started off with the intention of discussing polarity in relation to men and women, and ended up discussing: 1. Polarity of energy – how to transcend opposite … Read morePolarity

My Pain

We live our lives avoiding pain, facing pain, ignoring pain or embracing pain. We are almost conditioned and create patterns of behaviour to avoid, face, ignore or embrace pain. So what is this pain we keep at bay? Is it outside of us or a part of us. During the Satsang we discussed the illusion … Read moreMy Pain


Last week we witnessed and noticed synchronised events that led to our unplanned, yet divinely orchestrated, Satsang on Friday 27th as opposed to having the Vedic prayers as scheduled. As we expand our awareness from within we begin to notice a little more than meets the normal eye. We see more we hear more we … Read moreChanting


The last Satsang we had highlighted the importance of laughter and sense of humour in the daily drudgery of life as it can seem at times. The first reading from the Life and Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba (Sai SatCharitra) told a story about the act of two devotees, one of whom suggested that the … Read moreLaughter