About Us

We are an informal group set up with the common aim of merging our individual awareness and consciousness with universal consciousness and the collective spirit through our group consciousness that offers feedback as to where we are at in our respective lives and expressions of self and Self.

Each one of us has a unique way of communicating their truth. There is no one way for all. Here we aim to let go of dogma and dictatorship. We recognise the hidden us in the expression of “me” and “I”. Who are we without the conditioning imposed upon us or chosen by us as soon as we are conceived whether by our parents, their belief systems or by our school teachers family friends gurus alike. What language do we use? Is it ours? Are the experiences we have of spirit self led or engineered by a preconception of what should be as opposed to what simply is?

How do we access the truth of self? We acknowledge the existing belief systems and become aware of where we may not be quite ourselves. Any belief that is limiting and dividing is cast aside and that which seeks to unite and expand our sense of self is embraced.

No specific belief system is needed to access these gatherings. It is simply a place to be you as you without any excuses or the feeling of you should be this or that. It’s a place of non judgment, a safe haven of feedback.

We set a topic at random every week and see how it transpired without trying to plan it out. It’s a group exercise of letting go of linear time, expectations and secondary self imposed limitations.


“Sharing our discomfort pain and almost puberty like symptoms of ascension is just as vital to the wholeness of the experience as is the expression of bliss and oneness; feeling oneness is not as important as feeling anchored in the human experience of us wholly with all of our being. 

Let it be your own personal experience so that you are the author of it and not another. You got the canvas, now do as you will on it!”

 - Keerat 

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