About Reiki

About Reiki

The title of my practice ( pronounced I Ai Sai Kee Chai) is rather difficult to articulate and a mouthful for some, but here is a description of how I have translated REIKI into my own being and my practice. REIKI is the Infinite Unmanifest universal energy manifest through the creations or individuations of REI through KI. Before the force of thought, knowledge and action, it remains unmanifest and just REI, which through KI, becomes manifest into three main forms of being – the Gross physical existence, the Astral energetic spirit experience and the Subtle/Causal universal soul state.

REI – The Infinite

“I” – I am my Body. The gross level experience using my own being to illustrate.
My name is Keerat. I was born and raised on the majestic continent of Africa. I became a solicitor graduating from Bristol University and Nottingham Law School. I led a normal healthy life, although some may disagree with the lack of sleep and long working days. I am a spiritual person.

“Ai” – I am a Soul having a physical experience.I am none of the above for my consciousness is much wider. Keerat, the name the current body I am in, following her soul’s calling went on various pilgrimages guided by her Guru, Sai Baba of Shirdi, who gave her the first visitation that she was aware of in 2011.

“Sai” – I am the Soul and together we are One Soul merged with the Super Soul divine consciousness. Keerat is at this stage, an extension of you, and you of her. We are all One. We have realised the function of duality, and are once again aware of that wire that runs through each one of us.

KI – The force of expression of the Infinite

“Kee”– Life force. The soul desires to know itself through action. Keerat has not developed her physical identity; she is not yet born and has no experience. This is where the story of us begins.

“Chai” – An Indian hot beverage made of mixing together tea leaves, herbs and spices over which many a conversation is started. Keerat in her present experience invites you to join her and allow her to be a part of your journey, to share in your soul’s expression NOW.

She offers Healing sessions, as well as teaching and attunements. She is a conduit between you and the infinite pool of energy. Call Keerat on 00 44 7940 957 454 or email her on keerat@akaalyoga.co.uk for further information.

Please note she is currently offering this service to women and children only. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Her experience as a solicitor working for children with special educational needs has given her a sound structure and awareness of our special gems in these children.

“Remember that there is nothing stable in human affairs. Therefore avoid undue elation in prosperity or undue depression in adversity.” –Socrates