About us

Akaal Yoga invites you to indulge in the myriad possibilities of the Infinite's expressions and extensions in you and your world. Akaal is the transcendental state beyond time and space. It is that Infinite consciousness without form yet forming all that is and is that All.

Within us, we have the potential to realise Akaal. This realisation becomes us. Our consciousness expands beyond the parameters previously known to us and all limitations disappear. We realise Godhood within making us co-creators of the world we perceive.

Yoga is the state of union between the infinite and the finite. The infinite through its desire to know itself transforms into a finite form. The human is one such form endowed with the mind and intellect that distinguish him from the animal. He has the ability to observe his life and rise about his human self whereas an animal lacks the faculties to rise about its needs for survival and innate fear.

There is no real difference between the infinite and the finite expression as both states are a matter of realisation and exist within each other with a potential to be the other at will knowledge and action.

Yoga can be achieved through a number of ways, one of which is to directly awaken that power of grace through which one can walk the path to realisation of Akaal. That power or Shakti is called kundalini. It is the awareness of your interactions with the infinite through your finite identity. It is the essence of life force or prana in us and that presence of the infinite within us.

It is always there coiled or hidden away as if it didn't exist containing within it the potential to set itself into motion. Without it even with all the vital bodily organs functioning, the human would not operate. So with the heart pumping away as it should and all else to keep the body running, without the existence of kundalini force, the body would lie dormant and not move beyond a static form remaining like a corpse in "shavasana". It is the Shakti that brings the "Shava" to "Shiva". It animates the corpse.

It contains within it the zygote of consciousness of that Infinite that brings into us our spirit that then in its part of that Infinite experiences the divine sport in its finite expression, the human body, it's chosen vehicle for now.

Kundalini is always there whether our perceived awareness processed by the mind accepts this or not. It remains in a static state with the potential to stir and take on a more active role as opposed to the passive one letting the finite form assume through its ego that it is the body containing a soul as opposed to the soul containing a body.

We can stir the kundalini or awaken it in acknowledging its presence and inculcating within a desire through the inner being to transcend our finite state into our infinite one through a mystical marriage between then two states. The potential to create and the creation merge. Prakriti and Purusha engage in the mystical Union. Shakti is reunited with Shiva at the crown chakra through its awakening and ascent up the central or middle channel.

Following this desire in us, it is the kundalini that will choose in us the best way for us to yoga. As kundalini is the creative potential we give it the female gender. She will lead the desires in us. Remember that it is the infinite that wishes to know itself through the finite and therefore it's desire will instigate the finite's desire in turn which will form the basis of the experience whose ultimate goal is yoga.

At Akaal Yoga there is a deliberate and direct intent to awaken the kundalini eventually leading the aspirant to a state of realisation.

What does this mean for us at human level?

As the kundalini awakens it begins its ascent from the earth below to the heavens above returning to the earth each time expanding the state of consciousness of the seeker. You are now not your petty self. You are the Self and have realised yourself.

At the physical level the human body within it has vital organs and then energetic gateways through which we receive universal energy. Kundalini works through every aspect of our physical self so that we are ready to merge with our infinity.

What's in it for me now?

  1. Mental Clarity
  2. Emotional Stability
  3. Physical Fortitude
  4. Spiritual Awareness
  5. You are back into your pure state and in the present moment

We widen the gap between thoughts so that our reaction almost disappears and all that remains is experience in the NOW.

It is as it is. I Am I Am. I I. x